Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which is your choice of shopping Department Store or Online Shopping

With so many brick and mortar stores online, many times shoppers can choose between the convenience of ordering merchandise online or purchasing it in the store. Some people choose online ordering because they like  shopping during the time the physical store is closed, or they avoid crowds. Other people prefer shopping in stores in order to try on merchandise and get a feel for the item.

While theses choices are the reason for both mall and internet shopping, in the long run, a consumer may actually be paying more for this convenience.
Sometimes, online coupons for merchants will entice shoppers into believing that, with a coupon code, their order will be less expensive then if they were to shop in the brick and mortar version of that retailer. Some of the most popular codes, "Free shipping" and "25% off" may look like a big savings, but what most people do not realize is that the discounts are meant to draw shoppers to the website. This is because most items when ordered online are shipped, not directly from a physical store, but from the store's warehouse. This is in contrast to department store shopping, where inventory is limited to quantities on hand, hence the reason for limited availability of some items.

Additionally, prices are influenced by logistics. Have you even noticed why prices are more expensive on a store's website, and they are less expensive in the physical store? This is especially true with clearance items and end-of-season merchandise. Department stores receive new merchandise in one season ahead of time and are expected to have it ready for display and sale as soon as possible. Merchandise that is current or from a previous season needs to be sold quickly, and the best way department stores can clear it away is by offering a deep discount. Warehouses, on the other hand, have a great amount of space, so merchandise has the ability to be stored for a greater amount of time.

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